Going Upside Down

No way. I won’t be doing those and I’m not teaching those.

Those were my thoughts in my last weekend of yoga teacher training when our yogi, Rolf Gates, said that we were beginning handstands and that they were essential to our practice and to teach. Yes, I know that I’m known for some fearless things – jumping out of a plane, blindly rappelling through a waterfall, biking down a volcano not to mention bravery in every day life which is far more scary. But, I was afraid to go upside down. I was in a comfort zone of doing the poses I had always done, including some challenging balancing poses, without incorporating handstands. Several students in the class told me that they were surprised that I was afraid to go upside down with the way I lived life. It made me realize that even though I encourage others to live fearlessly, I still have a lot of work to do on myself. Not just with handstands, but in even bigger aspects of my life. Things that I will share with you as they unfold.

Since that weekend of teacher training a few weeks ago, I go to the wall every day, several times daily and practice my handstands. And since last Sunday, I am now practicing forearm stands after taking two inversion classes from the amazing acro yoga couple, Briohny and Dice. Bri is 8 months pregnant and still goes upside down every day! Living fearlessly and balanced is a part of her every day life. When I went to inversion clinic yesterday, my other yoga teacher, MyLinda, said, “You are really facing some fears lately.” More than you know!

And if I fall, I’ll still be proud that I tried and will continue to try again. I’ll apply this to all things in my life.

From little things, big things grow. I was told that this morning. I still have many fears in life. I’m taking leaps of faith and will grow from that little seed in the ground to a small bud to a blooming Daisy. I hope you’ll grow with me.

Bloom, baby, bloom!

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  1. Denise says:

    Clare! I love this post. I have been struggling to go away from the wall for a while. I understand fears from within and tell people to face them everyday, with vigor but here I am afraid. But manage to after a lot of practice! I fall all the time and surprisingly, it is quite fun, falling and sitting up. One day, I did a forearm handstand and my heart did a dance for five seconds. It is so worthwhile! Keep your core strong and breathe. It will all go well (:

  2. Ilze says:

    Thanks for sharing Clare, I can relate :)

  3. Presh says:

    Great post! I am want to do hand stands and more inversions so bad. I need to build my core more. I started doing headstands but my feet are still comfortably on the wall :) . Nice time you do your inversions just remember your faith. Fear ends where faith begins :)

    • Claire says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed it! Every day that I practice, I step out in Faith more. I hope you start to go upside down more often, too! It’s a great feeling!

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