My Butterfly Story


"Just when the caterpillar thought her world was over, she became a beautiful butterfly." I thought it was over. I knew it had to be over. I grew to a certain point and then everything stopped. I curled up, put my head between my knees and prepared for the worst. Inside, darkness surrounded me … [Continue reading]

All Those Who Wander Are Not Lost

My journey of becoming a Daisy Among Roses began with a serendipitous trip to a yoga retreat in Italy. An article just came out  that talks about my recent yoga retreat in Asturias--and includes an amazing photo of me doing yoga on a mountaintop above the clouds. Here's the story. I hope you … [Continue reading]

Embodying The DragonFly


The brilliant turquoise and green hues and unique design were part of the initial attraction, but there was something else. Something I didn't … [Continue reading]

Discovering Your True Self And Being Happy With What You Find


She thought she knew herself. Her wishes, fears, goals, aspirations. So many things on that list. But, one day she woke up and realized that it was … [Continue reading]

Going Upside Down


No way. I won't be doing those and I'm not teaching those. Those were my thoughts in my last weekend of yoga teacher training when our yogi, Rolf … [Continue reading]

Saying Goodbye To A Man I Never Met – Part II

Photo credit: Rodrigo Silva Garcia-Zuazua

"When you run on the Earth and with the Earth, you can run forever." - Raramuri Proverb pilgrimage - noun 1. A journey of a pilgrim; especially … [Continue reading]